Government seeks better life for Jordanian youth: Mulki


Published: 2018-03-09 18:03

Last Updated: 2018-03-09 19:00

Mulki during his meeting with youth and Jordanian ministers.
Mulki during his meeting with youth and Jordanian ministers.
Roya News Source

Prime Minister Hani Mulki said the government is keen to listen to youth voices, help solve their problems and address their challenges in a conference on Friday.

Mulki met with 20 ministers and more than 130 Jordanian youth, who represent over 500 youth centres, clubs and authorities, in Al Hussein Youth City in a conference organized by the Ministry of Youth.

Mulki pointed out that the vision for the creation of the Ministry of Youth was not only to discuss issues pertaining to sport but serve as a gate for dialogue with youth in order to assess their needs and plan for the future.

The PM defended the latest economic reform by reiterating that the measures taken by the government aim to guarantee a better life for youth.

Mulki said Jordanians have the ability to overcome difficulties and praised citizens who sacrifice for the good of the country. He also called on citizens to “cut their expenditures for the good of the nation”.

He continued to say that the Jordanian labour market provides 1.6 million opportunities and stressed that employment is a major way to boost the economy.

During the conference Minister of Youth, Bashir Rawashdeh, commended such meetings between youth and the government, as such events are part and parcel of building democracy.