Game on: TV's 'Lose & Win' makes waves as first-of-its-kind game show in Jordan and the region


Published: 2018-02-26 00:07

Last Updated: 2024-06-16 17:41

Editor: Arwad Khalifeh

“Lose & Win” airs live every Thursday at 8:30 pm on Roya TV. (Roya)
“Lose & Win” airs live every Thursday at 8:30 pm on Roya TV. (Roya)

If you’re into game shows, you can’t afford to miss Roya TV’s “Lose & Win.”

This is no ordinary game show; the Jordanian TV network has come up with an entirely new concept that lets its viewers compete for the same money contestants are playing for.

And if you were hoping to top up your general knowledge for the program, close that Google search window right now.

The questions asked by the show’s host, Rasheed Malhas, aren’t based on facts. In other words, contestants’ answers are pure guesses that must match the hypothetical questions answered by the viewers through the Roya TV app, and there is no “right or wrong” answer.

And at hand to help contestants make up their mind (or rather take a wild yet “informed” guess) are the “Consultants,” aka Nadim Masri and Mahmoud Darwazeh.

Confused? Allow us to explain.


Press Play

The game begins with 4,500 JD split up equally between the show’s two contestants and the viewers at home. That’s 1,500 JD each.

When a question has been asked, the viewers must place their answers through the Roya TV app.

In order for the contestants to win, their answer must match that of the viewers’.

For example, if the question is “Do people in Jordan prefer hummus or falafel?”, the Consultants will each try and convince the contestants why they believe the viewers are going to choose either hummus or falafel as their answer.

If the contestants’ answer matches that of the viewers’, they win and the value of that question is deducted from the latter’s 1,500 JD, and vice versa.

That deduction will automatically go into a bank pot.


Level up

The game is made up of three levels, with ten questions in total.

In Level 1, each contestant is asked three questions; the winner moves on to Level 2 to play against the viewers at home again. After answering three more questions, they move on to Level 3, where they go head to head with one viewer - selected at random - to compete for the remaining (deducted) money in the bank pot.

Whoever loses in Level 3 will still get to keep whatever money they made during the competition. The winner, however, will go home with their winnings and all the accumulated cash in the bank pot.


Ching Ching

Each question goes up in value as the competition moves forward.

Level 1:
Q1 is worth 50 JD
Q2 is worth 100 JD
Q3 is worth 150 JD

Level 2:
Q1: 200 JD
Q2: 250 JD
Q3: 300 JD

Level 3:
All the money accumulated in the bank pot



The first-of-its-kind game show has received positive feedback on social media after just two episodes.

To many, the most intriguing element of the show is its unique selection of questions. Some of our favourites were: “Would you rather go to jail for three years or go into a coma for six?”, “Given the choice, would you rather change your sex for a day or transform into an animal?”, and “Would you rather take one million JD or find The One?”.

The show's many elements might make it seem confusing at first, but once you get playing and the rules begin to sink in, you're going to want to play every week.


We caught up with Rasheed and the “Consultants” during the show’s live taping last Thursday, and all three of them were equally excited to be a part of this original production.

Nadim Masri told us: “We are having fun, but at the same time we are advising the contestants and the viewers at home to choose one answer that will end up making them win or lose… so I do feel this big responsibility.

“And what I love most about this show is that people are home aren’t just watching us, they can win money too. It’s cool that they’re competing against the contestants.”

Nadim said that he wishes he could watch “Lose & Win” from home and compete through the Roya TV app like the viewers watching him present it.


“Lose & Win” airs live every Thursday at 8:30 pm (local time) on Roya TV.