Israel opens fire and arrests two fishermen in Gaza


Published: 2018-02-11 17:44

Last Updated: 2018-02-12 16:17

Fishermen in Gaza. (TheTimesOfIsrael)
Fishermen in Gaza. (TheTimesOfIsrael)
Roya News Source

The Israeli Navy forces opened heavy fire on two Palestinian fishermen in their boat off Al Sudaniya shores in northern Gaza Strip, according to the Palestinian committee that documents Israeli violations against fishermen.

The two detained fishermen were identified as Ayed and Tareq Sultan. Their Boat was confiscated and they were taken to an unknown location by the Israeli forces, the statement added.

This attack is yet another violation against Palestinians in the Gaza Strip. The Israeli Navy does not allow fishermen to go further than three nautical miles inside the Mediterranean, even though Palestine and Israel have signed an agreement to allow fishermen to go 12 nautical miles. The Navy targets fishermen offshore the Gaza Strip on a daily basis, Wafa News Agency reported.

Israeli forces have also imposed severe restrictions on marine access, fishing exports, and the entry of raw materials into Gaza. The harassment of fishermen is commonplace, which results in a significant decline in Gaza’s fishing industry.

Human Rights Watch reports showed that half of the registered fishermen in Gaza are actually out of work, since their boats are out of commission and cannot be repaired due to the shortage in necessary raw materials.