Tonnes of food destroyed in Gaza due to electricity crisis


Published: 2018-01-25 17:12

Last Updated: 2018-01-25 17:12

There is no electricity in the Gaza Strip up to 20 hours a day (BBC)
There is no electricity in the Gaza Strip up to 20 hours a day (BBC)
Roya News Source

Around 182 tonnes of rotten food was destroyed by a monitoring committee in the city of Khan Younis, southern Gaza, Middle East Eye (MEE) reported citing

The rotten food including juice and beef was seized in many shops across Gaza, according to the Principal of the General Health Department, Said al-Astal.

According to the food marketer, Ahmed Shahwan, the food was spoiled due to the electricity crisis, which affected food refrigeration.

The Gaza Strip currently has only four hours of electricity per day, MEE reported.

Earlier in June, Israel restored the supply of electricity to Gaza. However, one of the two only turbines to generate electricity was shut down due to lack of fuel.

Gaza electricity crisis started in June 2017, when the Palestinian government stopped paying for electricity supplies to the Gaza Strip, as part of their effort to pressure Hamas to give up control of the Strip.

Around two million Gazan citizen are facing the crisis of electricity shortage, while some of them use private electric generators, solar panels and uninterruptible power supply units to consume power when regular power is not available.