Amman Municipality declares 'state of emergency' over polar depression on Friday


Published: 2018-01-25 10:50

Last Updated: 2024-05-28 03:36

An image from last week's cold depression in which parts of Amman witnessed snowfall.
An image from last week's cold depression in which parts of Amman witnessed snowfall.

The Greater Amman Municipality announced on Thursday a state of emergency as polar depression is expected during the weekend.

Weather forecasts showed polar air is hitting the Kingdom on Friday, bringing heavy rains and snowfall on areas higher than 900 meters in Amman.

Amman Mayor, Yousef Shawarbeh ensured the municipality will provide all services to the fullest during the depression in which snow is expected to fall on several parts of the city.

Shawarbeh confirmed that the Municipality will not allow road damages and collapses, referring to damages took place last week in Amman, during a cold depression after an under-construction project has partially collapsed in Amman, which led to the closure of the road.

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The Municipality meeting was attended by the Director of Amman City, Omar Louzi and other officials.

They confirmed the Municipality will issue new warnings to citizens with high specifications to reduce damages as much as they could in streets and sidewalks.

He confirmed that their main aim is to ensure safety for all citizens and the city.

During the meeting, officials discussed plans to spread around 300 snowmobiles, snow pump suctions and salt spreaders to deal with snow and closed roads.

The Municipality gave permission to all Amman-areas directors to rent any needed-trucks in addition to the trucks they already had.

According to weather maps, a cold air mass accompanied by a depression is expected to start affecting the Kingdom on Thursday, pushing temperatures down and bringing cold and cloudy skies with heavy rain in the northern and central regions.

Rain accompanied by thunder and lightning will spread to most parts of the country with southwesterly brisk winds.

On Friday, temperatures will further plunge bringing chilly conditions with heavy rain accompanied by thunder, lightning and hail.

Snowfall with strong gusts are also the forecast in areas with altitude over than 900 meters above sea level.

As for anyone seeking help, the municipality will be available and reachable on these numbers: 06/5359970 or 06/5359971.