How Jordanians reacted on social media over the new prices and taxes?


Published: 2018-01-16 17:28

Last Updated: 2018-01-17 10:14

Editor: Randa Darwish

Jordanians expressed their fury and anger toward the new increase in prices and taxes. (JordanTimes)
Jordanians expressed their fury and anger toward the new increase in prices and taxes. (JordanTimes)
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Following the government’s Cabinet decision to impose new financial resolutions for the year 2018, Jordanians became more of at a stake, because of the harsh economic and financial situation they suffer!

Social media users went to release the hashtag: #رسالتك_للدوار_الرابع in literally meaning: Your Message to the 4th Circle, referring to the Prime Ministry, that is located on the 4th Circle of Amman.

Most Jordanians went to express their fury and anger toward the new governmental policies that claims to save the country from deteriorating financial situation, on the expense of people:

Translation: Do you think the few Jordanians who spend their nights in Abdoun and pay the price of a Jordanian soldier’s salary in one night, do represent the Jordanians? Do you have any idea about Jordanians in Anjara, Theban, Allan, Zai, Fagoou’, the Jordanian Valley, Kufr Khall, Al-Qweuireh, Al-Msheirfeh and others? Absolutely not, because they are not considered in your 2030 vision.

Translation: People once said: Save your white penny for your black day.
I want to tell you: No more black nor white pennies, the coming times are all black.

Translation: I have seven children. What do you [addressing the government] think of taking them and their 10 piasters with them?

Translation: This country is no longer fit to live in.

Translation: George Orwell said: “The people that elect corrupt politicians, imposters, thieves and traitors are not victims... but accomplices’.”

While others went to mock the situation, from the point of being sarcastic over being dramatic:

Translation: Since we live in Jordan, we are supposed to receive an annual message at the end of each year saying: ‘Thank you. You passed this stage successfully. Now you will be moved to new stage with harder challenge. Be strong!”

Translation: Are you Jordanians? [Referring to the Jordanian politician who attacked a girl for narrating her sexual harassment story in a talk show on German DW]


Translation: Are there any taxes on coffins and graves?

Translation: Jordan is exactly like the Titanic ship that sank in the Atlantic Ocean. Wealthy people are going to escape with lifeboats. Poor people will wait for death, but still, there is an orchestra of ‘government enthusiasts’, who keep playing music until last moment before the disaster.

You can read more details on the new financial reforms in the country from here: Financial talks on the table: All you need to know about the new prices