School with no students in New Zealand remains open


Published: 2017-12-09 15:15

Last Updated: 2017-12-09 15:15

Tuturumuri School has no students
Tuturumuri School has no students
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Tuturumuri School, a school with no students enrolled this term, is determined to remain open.

Five years ago the school in Wairarapa had 22 students.

The main reason behind the the school being empty, is that the student numbers dropped as farm owners aged and the parents took their children to Martinborough a town in the South Wairarapa District, where they currently work, said Board of Trustees chairman Mike Firth according NZ Herald.

Meanwhile, the school is battling to remain open based on its healthy saving account.

The school has a plan of paying its only three staff for the first term of the next year on the chance of students enrolling, but if no students registered the school said it will buy a bus to transport students from Martinborough.

Looking at the bright side, students to be enrolled will enjoy the highest staff-to-student ratio in the country, an indoor swimming pool, and technology.

Teacher aide Charmaine Potter said, "It is kind of nice when you are in a little school with a small amount of students and you can actually spend that time helping them and watching them grow and learn."