Zimbabwe's Mugabe refuses to resign - replaced by country's ex-VP


Published: 2017-11-19 22:03

Last Updated: 2017-11-19 22:03

Robert Mugabe, Zimbabwe's president.
Robert Mugabe, Zimbabwe's president.
Roya News Source

Zimbabwe President Robert Mugabe held a televised speech Sunday night in which he was expected to resign as president.

Mugabe belongs to Zimbabwe’s ruling party, ZANU-PF, who have given Mugabe until Monday noon to resign, lest he gets impeached by the parliament.

Mugabe was sacked as ZANU-PF’s leader on Sunday, and is facing overwhelming pressure to resign as the country’s President, following a military takeover on 15 November, AFP reported.

The First Lady was expelled from the party altogether.

The party appointed ex-Vice-President Emmerson Mnangagwa as their new leader.

Mnangagwa was fired two weeks ago by Mugabe, 93, in a step some claimed would pave the way for his wife to rule the country, and one which provoked widespread discontent among Mnangagwa’s supporters.

Last Wednesday, the military placed the Zimbabwean President under house arrest in the capital Harare.

The army said that this is not a military takeover; however, the situation signals Mugabe’s imminent departure from power within the following days, weeks or at most months.

Mugabe has dominated the political scene in Zimbabwe since it gained independence from the UK in 1980, and has been president of the impoverished country since 1987.