Jordanian teachers, journalists required to pass Arabic Language Proficiency Test


Published: 2017-11-15 15:47

Last Updated: 2017-11-16 08:15

Non-Arabic speakers are not required to take the test. (Al Arabiya English)
Non-Arabic speakers are not required to take the test. (Al Arabiya English)
Roya News Source

Speaking English is becoming more popular in certain parts of Jordan, especially the western parts of Amman.

Preserving the country’s native Arabic language is essential, which is why the Minister of Higher Education and Head of the Higher Education Council, Adel Tweisi, has stressed the importance of implementing Article 35 of the Law (2015), which sets to protect the Arabic language.

Tweisi urged universities, schools and media organizations to abide by Section 10/A of the Article, which states:

“Teachers, Higher Education faculty members, TV/radio presenters and editors cannot be hired until they have passed an Arabic Language Proficiency Test.”

This will guarantee that every teacher and professor has mastered Arabic before teaching it as a language, and if they are not teaching it, that they are capable of using all the relevant and correct vocabulary needed for the subject they are teaching.

The same goes for individuals working in media, who must be able to write and pronounce Arabic news correctly, depending on their position.

Non-Arabic speaking teachers, who teach in a foreign language, or work in media, are not required to take the test.