Jordan’s Ministry of Education to ‘modernize’ traditional system of education


Published: 2017-11-14 16:24

Last Updated: 2017-11-15 10:16

Editor: Khawla Alhamouri ،Randa Darwish

Minister of Education, Omar Razzaz.
Minister of Education, Omar Razzaz.
Roya News Source

The Jordanian Minister of Education confirmed they are working to modernize the traditional system of education, to produce students who are capable of applying what they’ve learnt, Omar Razzaz, the Jordanian Minister of Education said on Monday.

Razzaz was speaking at an event in Amman titled “Transforming Access to Education,” which was held on Monday and included a discussion between the Minister of Education and the CEO and founder of Forsa, Sami Hourani.

The discussion focused on transforming access and outreach in educational systems in Jordan, as well as the responsibility of the kingdom to catch up with contemporary educational systems.

“We [the Ministry of Education] are trying to change the system of traditional education, by understanding ‘the factory model education’ concept which was used to reproduce children who are incapable of applying what they learnt,” Razzaz said.

“It is the duty of Ministry of Education to provide a chance and a platform for efforts to be combined in order to enhance the educational experience,” the minister added.

He added that more technology tools will be added to Jordan’s classrooms.

The minister also confirmed the importance of vocational training, but said it should be taken more seriously by students.

The event was held in collaboration with European Union, UNESCO and Net-Med Youth in Amman, to discuss how technology is changing the way we access information.

Sophie Bel, Director of the French institute in Jordan shared success stories where Jordanians were able to travel abroad and participate in educational programs through Forsa.

Photo: Abdullah Jbour, pictured on the far right

On the other hand, Abdullah Jbour, Executive Director of Hikaya Center, shared his success story all the way from being a student in one of the most “unlucky” areas of Jordan to being a role model for youth.

Living in Mafraq,where opportunities are hard for many students, he had to forge his path to get well educated. “I lost hope many times throughout my journey searching for a job, before finding the right chance on Forsa,” Jbour told Roya.