Video: Amman celebrates the city's second design week


Published: 2017-10-11 18:04

Last Updated: 2021-04-22 10:04

Editor: Amy McConaghy

Amman Design Week is open from October 6-14. (File photo)
Amman Design Week is open from October 6-14. (File photo)

Amman's second Design Week is taking place this week, October 6 to 14, highlighting the diverse arts and design scene in the Kingdom and across the Middle East.

More than 100 exhibitors took part in this month's show, from renowned artists and architects across the Arab world to up and coming creatives and innovators.

Organisers explored the dynamics between contemporary and traditional Jordanian crafts, combining different disciplines, backgrounds and styles to create a space for the transfer of ideas, expressions and stories.

Along with the main Hangar exhibition, the celebration includes a pop-up crafts district and student exhibition, alongside an array of programs around design, crafts, and making.

Building on last year, this Design Week has provided a platform for the kingdom’s creativity while revitalizing places once forgotten and transforming Amman’s downtown into a cultural hub.