Rain, cold weather expected to persist in Jordan


Published: 2024-03-19 14:54

Last Updated: 2024-05-24 16:53

Rain, cold weather expected to persist in Jordan
Rain, cold weather expected to persist in Jordan

Satellite imagery indicated Tuesday a sustained influx of rain clouds accompanying a depression moving towards the Kingdom, compounded by thunderclouds, as the impact of a cold air mass intensifies across the region.

Forecasts from the ArabiaWeather website showed that widespread rainfall, including in the capital Amman, is anticipated in the current and forthcoming hours. The rainfall is expected to be heavy at times, occasionally accompanied by thunderstorms and hail.

This precipitation is likely to result in the formation of torrents and increased flow in valleys, while westerly winds will be active throughout the day, with gusts reaching strong to severe levels, particularly exceeding 80 km/h in desert regions. These winds may lead to sandstorms in desert areas and affect travel along desert roads and border crossings.

The Kingdom is forecasted to remain under the influence of the second-degree depression on Tuesday, contributing to a considerable drop in temperatures. The weather will remain cold, with varying degrees of cloud cover and rainfall across different areas.

Given these conditions, caution is advised regarding potential flooding on roads, increased water flow in valleys and streams, and the potential formation of torrents in certain regions. Additionally, reduced horizontal visibility due to clouds descending to surface levels, especially over elevated terrain, may lead to fog formation, particularly during morning hours.