Mild weather forecasted in Jordan Monday, Tuesday


Published: 2024-03-11 09:37

Last Updated: 2024-05-24 18:03

Mild weather forecasted in Jordan Monday, Tuesday
Mild weather forecasted in Jordan Monday, Tuesday

Monday, a high-pressure system will affect Jordan, bringing mild and sunny weather to various regions - per ArabiaWeather’s forecasts.

It is expected that temperatures will rise slightly during the day on Monday, remaining around average to slightly higher. The weather will be mild and sunny in most areas, with light to moderate easterly winds.

At night, the weather will be cold and clear, with moderate easterly winds that will become active after midnight in some southern highlands.

Tuesday, Jordan will be under the influence of an “ineffective extension” of the Red Sea depression. A significant increase in temperatures is expected, with warm weather prevailing in most areas and occasionally active southeasterly winds.

Temperatures will noticeably rise on Wednesday, reaching about six to eight degrees Celsius above average. The weather will be clearly sunny and warm in various regions, relatively hot in the Jordan Valley, Dead Sea, and Aqaba, where temperatures will exceed 30 degrees Celsius.

Southeasterly winds will be moderate to occasionally brisk in different areas, causing varying degrees of dustiness.

The weather will be relatively cool and mostly clear at night, with moderate southeasterly winds and gusts in the eastern and northern badia regions.