Qassam Brigades announces control of 'Erez Crossing'


Published: 2023-10-07 09:41

Last Updated: 2024-04-16 15:25

Qassam Brigades announces control of 'Erez Crossing'
Qassam Brigades announces control of 'Erez Crossing'

Following the launch of unprecedented and non-stop salvos at Tel Aviv, the Qassam Brigades announced their control over the "Erez crossing."

Additionally, the Lions' Den issued a statement after the missile strikes which read as follows:

"We declare a state of general mobilization and an immediate attack from every position against the occupation forces and settlers."

"What is urgently required now: Our lone wolves are called to move immediately and urgently, before anything else."

"All fighters are to reinforce the ranks and confront the occupation with ambushes using blessed ammunition."

"All free and honorable citizens are urged to participate in massive and fervent marches, raising the voice of 'Allahu Akbar' in every square."

"All owners of businesses and homes located near the occupation's checkpoints and settlements are advised to retrieve recording devices and immediately turn off cameras."

"For anyone who possesses a weapon and has not used it in defense of religion and homeland, the time has come to step forward as a man and fulfill your duty of honor and valor."