Flash flood claims life of man in Madaba


Published: 2023-01-04 11:50

Last Updated: 2024-02-28 03:27

Flash flood claims life of man in Madaba
Flash flood claims life of man in Madaba

The dead body of a person who went missing in flash floods south of Jordan was found in Madaba, according to the spokesperson for the Public Security Directorate.

The authorities had been combing the area of Khan Al-Zabib in Madaba after he went missing earlier Wednesday.

The spokesperson added that the teams had worked around the clock since last night combing the area of over 20 kilometers before finally finding his body washed away. No further details were disclosed.

Public Security Directorate reiterated its warnings regarding the danger of torrential rains, stressing the need not to risk cutting or approaching flooded, and the need for safe use of all kinds of heating devices, not to leave them burning while sleeping, and to keep homes ventilated well.

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