Bank al Etihad celebrates 4th Shorouq Career Comeback Program


Published: 2022-11-24 14:16

Last Updated: 2022-12-05 10:11

Bank al Etihad celebrates 4th Shorouq Career Comeback Program
Bank al Etihad celebrates 4th Shorouq Career Comeback Program

On November 22, 2022, Bank al Etihad celebrated the completion of its 4th Shorouq Career Comeback Program. The program is aimed at women looking to resume their careers after taking voluntary breaks to care for their families. This year, the program was launched in partnership with prominent companies that share the bank's commitment to strengthening women's economic participation. The list of partners includes the Crown Prince Foundation, PwC Middle East, Hikma Pharmaceuticals, Zain Jordan, Amam Ventures, and the Business and Professional Women Association.

The women participating in the program had the unique opportunity to benefit from workshops and practical training that allowed them to bridge the gap between their employment and unemployment years to prepare them to re-enter the labor market.

After the program's success in previous years - which has enabled 45 percent of alumni to get employed and 20 percent to establish businesses - Bank al Etihad invited several companies to train participants at their premises to amplify the program's impact, leading to the participation of 38 women.

Bank al Etihad considers the program an expression of its identity and values, characterized by gender diversity, inclusivity, and equal opportunities. The bank's launch of the program emphasizes its confidence in the vast potential of women in Jordan, its support of women from different professions, and its belief in the need for women's greater participation in the workforce, which contributes to the Jordanian economy.

The Shorouq Career Comeback Program is part of the wider "Shorouq" suite of banking solutions and non-financial services that Bank al Etihad launched in 2014 to enable women to achieve financial independence and security and activate their economic participation.