SSC sentences nine defendants charged for smuggling narcotics


Published: 2022-02-20 13:15

Last Updated: 2024-04-16 06:36

The State Security Court
The State Security Court

The State Security Court (SSC) issued a unanimous decision to place temporary labor for a period ranging between 20 years and a fine of JD 20,000, temporary labor for 10 years, a fine of JD 10,000, and fees against nine defendants.

They were sentenced for possessing a large quantity of narcotics for the purposes of trafficking, amounting to half a million Captagon pills.

The details of the case revealed that all the defendants agreed to trade in Captagon narcotic pills by transporting them on a truck owned by one of the defendants, and they hid the narcotic inside sacks of calcium carbonate prepared for export, in exchange for cash amounting to JD 30,000.

All of the narcotics were seized and defendants arrested.

Notably, the SSC imposed harsh penalties on the accused due to the large amount of narcotic substances and the danger of trafficking, which is in line with maintaining the security of Jordanian society, the stability and safety of its members.