Activists demand justice for Farah Maraqa and her colleagues


Published: 2022-01-18 17:33

Last Updated: 2023-06-07 13:14

Jordanian Journalist Farah Maraqa
Jordanian Journalist Farah Maraqa

A statement was published by a group of human rights activists demanding justice for Arab journalists who were suspended from work in December 2021 after allegations of anti-Semitism arose and an investigation into old publications was opened.


The statement follows:

"We, the undersigned journalists and human rights activists, demand Deutsche Welle justice for the Arab journalists who work thereto, including the Jordanian Journalist (Farah Maraqa), after being suspended form work in December 2021, and held an investigation into old publications related to allegations of "anti-Semitism" written before they joined the working with Deutsche Welle Radio, and resided in Germany.

Our colleague (Maraqa) resided in Berlin since four and a half years, after being employed by Deutsche Welle (DW), passing successfully all employments' levels due to her experience, professionalism, independence and respect for journalistic ethics and ethics. These features were prominent in her bold press coverage inside and outside Jordan.

She was also known for her defense of the freedom of the press, publication, opinion and expression, and at a time when Maraqa and her colleagues were subjected to a systematic demonization campaign aimed at excluding them, silencing their free words, and harming their professional and personal future.

Therefore, we condemn the grave violations in German media by publishing Maraqa’s name and full address, along with allegations and accusations that such allegations are facts and for granted, and without listening to her objectively or granting the right of a balanced response, and this violates her right of privacy, losses the presumption of innocence and deprives her of the right to defend herself fairly which exposes her to defamation and possibly danger.

Maraqa's shedding light on the suffering of the Palestinians at the West Bank and Gaza Strip and the violation of their human rights due to Israel’s practices and policies as an occupying force according to international law, cannot be distorted and taken out of context, and considered it as "anti-Semitism". The difference between criticizing Israeli government and its policies, and "anti-Semitism" is clear and obvious.

We are very surprised by the deep profound into Maraqa's journalistic coverage of the Palestinian human rights and humanitarian affairs more than seven years ago, and to return to her old archive. Meanwhile, administrative consequences arranged against her that violates the International Bill of Human Rights, by violating her right to opinion, expression, work, and privacy, and without acknowledging that covering up the crimes of the Israeli government in the occupied Palestinian territories is against the law or professional ethics. However, if it was according to the German law, then these coverages preceded her employment in Germany, and therefore she shall not be held accountable for this coverage in accordance with German legal standards and with a retroactive effect. The attempt to trolling Marqa’s journalistic coverage, and take it out of context with the aim of demonizing or condemning her and her colleagues, an indication of the premeditated intent of the campaign to which they are exposed, aimed at harming them professionally and personally.

We agree with what human rights organizations have said that what Maraqa and her colleagues have been subjected to, involves the use of "anti-Semitism" as a weapon against minority press personalities, and that this campaign is supported by extreme right-wing parties.

We also demand justice and fairness for our colleague Maraqa and her colleagues working for Deutsche Welle, and we affirm their right to preserve their reputation and professional honor, preserve their privacy, and conduct their work in a safe environment away from demonization and intimidation, that enhances their enjoyment of their inherent human rights of opinion and expression, and work without discrimination.

We call upon press, media and human rights institutions and companies that own social media platforms to be aware that using the term “anti-Semitism” as a weapon in the face of journalists, media professionals and human rights defenders, without a clear, precise and specific understanding of the term and its historical context, immunizes Israel’s human rights violations in the occupied Palestinian territories from the right to criticism and publishing, and it restricts journalists and media professionals and exposes them to intimidation, and violates the right of the press to exercise its noble mission freely, independently and objectively, except that it violates the human rights of opinion and expression, and the free circulation of information.

The undersigned:

  1. Ibrahim Qabilat
  2. Ahkam Dajani
  3. Ahmed Al Harasis
  4. Ahmed Hassan Al Zoubi
  5. Ahmed Shaheen
  6. Ahmad Awad
  7. Osama Al-Rantissi
  8. Anas Damra
  9. Ansar Abu Fara
  10. Aya Mesmar
  11. Eva Abu Halawa
  12. Basil Alakour
  13. Basem Sakjiha
  14. Tahani Raouhi
  15. Thaer Al Zoubi
  16. Jihad Al-Mansi
  17. Jawad Al-Omari
  18. Harith Al-Tus
  19. Hamad Al-Othman
  20. Hamza Dana
  21. Hamza Obeidat
  22. Hanan Khandakji
  23. Khaled Al-Qudah
  24. Khaled Ayasra
  25. Khawla Abu Qura
  26. Daoud Kuttab
  27. Darwish al-Bouti
  28. Refat Al-Khatib
  29. Rania Al-Sarayrah
  30. Rania Alqadi
  31. Raed Al Harasis
  32. Ruba Brem
  33. Rana Sweiss
  34. Randa Nafaa
  35. Rawan Al-Ezza
  36. Rawan Nakhleh
  37. Rihan Hatter
  38. Sandy Habashneh
  39. Saad Hattar
  40. Salma AlNems
  41. Suleiman Sweiss
  42. Samar Haddadin
  43. Samar Dudin
  44. Samar Muhareb
  45. Samar Menkay
  46. Sawsan Zaideh
  47. Sawsan Makhal
  48. Saif Al-Omari
  49. Shady Samhan
  50. Saleh Saleh
  51. Safa Al Ramahi
  52. Amer Rajoub
  53. Oraib Rentawi
  54. Amer Gharaibeh
  55. Abdul Salam Al Daja
  56. Abdul Aziz Abu Bakr
  57. Abdul Karim Al-Wahsh
  58. Adnan Barieh
  59. Aroub Suboh
  60. Etaf Al-Roudan
  61. Emad Al Rawashdeh
  62. Emad Hajjaj
  63. Omar Al-Dahamsheh
  64. Omar Al-Abdalat
  65. Ohood Mohsen
  66. Ghaith Al-Tal
  67. Ghaida Bakeer
  68. Fatima Al-Dabbas
  69. Fayez Odaibat
  70. Fouad Hussein
  71. Kamel Nuseirat
  72. Kamal Zakarna
  73. Luqman Iskandar
  74. Lamis Andoni
  75. Linda kalash
  76. Laila Khaled
  77. Laila Nafaa
  78. Lina Shannak
  79. Majed Toba
  80. Majdoleen Alan
  81. Mahasen Imam
  82. Mohammed Abu Rumman
  83. Mohammed Al-Rantissi
  84. Mohammed Al-Arsan
  85. Mohamed Sweidan
  86. Mohamed Shamma
  87. Mohammed Abdul Hafez Al-Khamaiseh
  88. Mohammed Adnan
  89. Muhammad Alqam
  90. Mahmoud Khatib
  91. Musab Al Shawabkeh
  92. Moaz Al Momani
  93. Mamdouh Abu Al-Ghanm
  94. Montaser Merai
  95. Muhannad Al-Azza
  96. Nadia Shamroukh
  97. Nadine Al-Nimri
  98. Nasser Al-Jaafari
  99. Nasser Shadeed
  100. Najat Shanaa
  101. Nisreen Zureikat
  102. Nidal Mansour
  103. Nahla Momani
  104. Noha Mahrez
  105. Nour Imam
  106. Hala Ahed
  107. Hania Barkawi
  108. Heba Abu Taha
  109. Hiba Al Hayat Obaidat
  110. Hadeel Al Rawabdeh
  111. Hadeel Abdel Aziz
  112. Wassan Haddad
  113. Yara Koueider
  114. Yehia Shoqairy
  115. Yazan Hamed
  116. Youssef Abu Rumman
  117. Ameen Otleh
  118. Razan Zuaiter
  119. Falah Brizat
  120. Hanan Al Kiswani
  121. Abeer Al-Najjar
  122. Taghreed Aldgmy
  123. Ziad Al-Shakhneba
  124. Enas Zayed
  125. Ghada Sheikh
  126. Helmy Al Asmar
  127. Hasan Odeh
  128. Louay Hazem
  129. Issam Erekat
  130. Nabil Gheishan
  131. Hashem Al-Khalidi
  132. Hana Al-Araj
  133. Walid Hosny
  134. Hadeel Ghaboun
  135. Obaidah Faraj Allah
  136. Asma Faraj Allah
  137. Shifa aLQudah
  138. Nadim Abdel Samad"