Riyadh's 'Sala Hub' offers several entertainment options


Published: 2021-12-22 14:40

Last Updated: 2024-04-20 03:22

Riyadh's 'Sala Hub' offers several entertainment options
Riyadh's 'Sala Hub' offers several entertainment options

Riyadh offers several entertainment options for tourists and local citizens so that they can enjoy their leisure time. Sala Hub is opened for enjoying various types of indoor entertainment activities in Riyadh by Sala Entertainment Company, a Vida Holding Company. It is the largest entertainment company in Saudi Arabia that provides entertainment for adults and kids. The opening of Sala Hub is a part of the Saudi government’s Kingdom Vision 2030 program that is meant for promoting tourism and entertainment in this country. It fits the three themes of this Vision 2030, namely a lively society, flourishing economy, and a prosperous nation. It matches the motto ‘Imagine More’ that is adopted for Riyadh Season this year.

Area covered and where it is located

Sala Hub is located in Riyadh Season Boulevard, over an area of 4500 square meters. People can avail of cheap car hire services from reliable car rental companies to reach this hub. The interior of this hub is divided into several sections. Some sections are designated for joy rides while some contain options for video games and some exciting redemption games. There are also distinct sections for VR games, sports events, games of wits, and a party room in this huge hub. There is also a separate enclosure where different types of foods and beverages are available. People can also make use of the large stage and they enjoy visiting the Immersive Tunnel here.

Opening ceremony of Sala hub

The grand opening ceremony of Sala Hub was attended by Mr. Abdul Rahman Al-Hokair, Mr. Fahad Al-Hokair, and Mr. Mohammed Attia, the CEO of Sala Entertainment Company. In his opening speech, CEO Mr. Attia said that their target is to raise this Sala Hub to a global standard of the entertainment industry. They aspire to provide high-quality entertainment and diverse experiences to foreign tourists who visit Riyadh for various reasons. They also aim to provide entertainment through this hub to all people living in the countries of the Gulf Cooperation Council and abroad.

The CEO promised in his opening speech that the health, safety, and security of all guests will be taken care of in this Sala Hub. They commit to add a unique experience to each guest visiting this hub for entertainment. The creation of this hub is a part of the plans of this company that aim in extending the entertainment business all over the world.

What Sala Hub offers - entertainment and games, activities

Sala Hub offers various exciting games and activities to all guests, irrespective of their age. All these activities are reportedly available for the first time in Saudi Arabia. The following games are offered in Sala Hub for guests who want to relax through these entertaining activities.

Zero Gravity is a fascinating board game, where 2 – 4 players can attempt to capture the flag in a 3D magnetic arena, with a team of 14 magnetic miniatures controlled by each player.

Nebula is a video game that can be played here and people enjoy the fun of playing this multiplayer shooter game by gathering resources virtually, like fleets.

Air Race is a video game that can be played with great control provided by useful features. This sky game is adored for its high speed and low altitude, which can be played on all kinds of devices.

VR Bumper Car is a prime attraction of all reputed theme parks and entertainment centers. Thus, it serves as an attraction in Sala Hub too, with the use of the latest VR tracking technology.

Double Deck Carousel is a family game ride, which is fun for all young and old in all fairs. The upper and lower carousel can be moved in the same or opposite direction in Sala Hub. People love to ride the handcrafted carousel in the form of galloping horses or decorated boats.

Roller glider is an aerial roller coaster that provides the thrill of flying in the air. However, it operates in a safe mode, taking care of all who ride it. It offers a new experience to those who have never got on it before. It smoothly glides on corded tracks and it does not even jump while starting and ending the ride.

Skyline Coaster is a specially designed ride for Sala Hub, which provides the amusement of watching the skyline of the city while enjoying the ride. It is also a family ride where many people can enjoy at a time.

Super Jumper is another thrilling ride in this hub, which has spikes all around the central point. Each spoke bears a capsule in which a person is safely harnessed with a sturdy belt attached to the seat. These spokes move up and down and spin around, giving a thrilling experience to riders. However, people are seated here according to their heights so that they can be comfortable during the ride.

There are many more rides and games in this indoor entertainment hub, which will make it one of the foremost tourist attractions in Riyadh. Sala Entertainment Company has considered the general needs of families and innovatively designed this hub with lots of entertainment sections over this vast area.

How will Sala Hub benefit the city?

The indoor entertainment options offered in Sala Hub will draw more tourists to Riyadh, leading to more earning foreign money for the government here. The arrival of foreign tourists will benefit the hotel owners and transport business in Riyadh. Local people can expect better income by selling local products to these tourists, which will uplift their lifestyle and make them more prosperous. People will feel more energetic after enjoying a day in this hub, due to its amazing entertainment options that will boost their adrenaline secretion.

Therefore, Sala Hub is expected to be a great hit among tourists and the local people of Riyadh. It will entertain them and help them relax with their families and friends here. Moreover, it will help the city in reaching the desired height in the field of economy. Sala Entertainment brings all its brands to this hub, to provide the best experiences to all visitors here.