Friedrich Naumann Foundation opens “Idea Incubator” in Jabal Amman


Published: 2021-11-03 13:24

Last Updated: 2023-09-30 09:35

Friedrich Naumann Foundation opens “Idea Incubator” in Jabal Amman
Friedrich Naumann Foundation opens “Idea Incubator” in Jabal Amman

The German educational institute Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Freedom in Middle East & North Africa (FNF MENA) has been operating in Jordan for more than 30 years. Now, it is starting a new chapter and opening its doors for a brand new Regional Office in Jabal Amman, to offer young innovators, ambitious entrepreneurs and liberal thinkers the opportunity to connect in a completely remodeled space.

When people first step into the office, the first thing they instantly notice is the openness of the space with the airy yet cooperative feeling of its interior, intended to portray the feeling of freedom; the freedom to work, to innovate, to speak, and to challenge the ordinary. Glass dominates and represents the belief in transparency and crossing the lines between hierarchy, inside and outside of the office.

FNF MENA chose to call their regional office their “Idea Incubator,” to support their mission for a new form of working together, in a “Berlin style” space, where the architectural structure sets a mood of a comfort-working environment. It reflects the core mission and vision of FNF, in which the space aims to bring together aspiring liberal leaders and young entrepreneurs to come up with ideas and turn them into actions, which would affect the MENA region positively across various sectors, including politics, economy, education and other relevant fields.

Jabal Amman is the right choice for this endeavor, as it is on the verge to become an entrepreneurial hub for Amman and Jordan, combining three major keynotes: authenticity, identity and modernity.

The new office in this area was acquired by FNF over a year ago, to make it a new home and center for all projects across the region. Hazem Malhas, former Minister of Environment and restless supporter to preserve the heritage of the area, shares this urban vision.

He states “FNF has contributed to the big momentum instigated in Jabal Amman, by highlighting this area for other institutions.” Hubs for start-ups and office centers such as “Antwork” are the neighbors of FNF. The “Amman Design Institute” occupies the compound across the street and the “German Jordanian University” is just next door.

Dr. Rami Daher, associate professor at the GJU School of Architecture, estimates “it is a golden opportunity for FNF to be in this location close to downtown, close to the pulse of the street, to the realities of the city, to everyday life.”

The Friedrich Naumann Foundation is welcoming all Jordanians to come in and explore what FNF has to offer to, not only Jordan and its people, but also to the region and its population. In their Idea incubator, everyone is free to express himself and herself in sharing their ideas and initiatives.

Everyone who is interested to create, innovate and share new ideas is welcome to discover more about FNF’s Idea Incubator. Stop by in person or virtually at or on social media at “fnfmena”

Freedom and Liberalism now have a home, in the heart of Amman. Home für die Freiheit.