OPPO continues efforts to support and promote 5G in different parts of the world


Published: 2021-09-11 11:26

Last Updated: 2023-09-29 01:10

OPPO continues efforts to support and promote 5G in different parts of the world
OPPO continues efforts to support and promote 5G in different parts of the world

When it comes to innovation and leadership within the technology sector, Oppo proves itself to be a world leader in technology and smartphones. Oppo tops the international list of companies that play a major role in this field.

The company’s slogan that states “Technology for mankind, Kindness to the world” clearly does not hesitate to continue its efforts, investments and research to meet the expectations and needs of its customers to maintain its position in global markets.

The company has been keen to market and promote the 5G network and seeks to expand it to various parts of the world. Over the past years, Oppo has worked on two different but connected ways to achieve its goal of expanding and promoting the 5G network. In the first phase, the company has worked on helping global users in operating the 5G network in cost-effective and efficient ways to be able to advance the spread of the 5G network worldwide. Oppo developed a full range of solutions in improving the performance of OPPO 5G smartphone devices.

These four essential solutions included Dynamic Spectrum Sharing (DSS), improving smart power 5G, and dual-mode (NSA+SA), and 5G mobile networks (5GHz+ 5G), where these features were designed to help OPPO’s 5G phones to perform better with minimal power in order to provide a more convenient 5G experience for customers.

OPPO’s Smart-5G solutions increase overall network download speed by around 28%. The theoretical peak rate can be as high as 2.4Gbps, which means that users only need 13 seconds to download 4Gb video in 4KHD. While the Smart-5G full performance program reduces smartphone power consumption by 30%.

Built-in 5G phones with OPPO Smart-5G can adapt to the current 5G environment under actual network conditions, and it can also support 5G even after developing a long-term network in the future. This guarantees users a long-lasting OPPO-5G phone.

The Dynamic Spectrum Sharing (DSS) feature will effectively help global users by using the existing 4G network infrastructure and the resources to provide 5G services more quickly, support the construction of 5G networks on a larger scale, and improve the development of 5G service coverage. OPPO Smart-5G devices will also solve signal coverage problems, network speed, and power use among other previous issues prior to 5G networks. OPPO established a new plan for the network performance of a new generation of 5G network devices. This will enhance and develop the performance of the network and provide users with better experiences.

One of the many advantages of the 5G network, which can not be limited to one article, is to provide a more advanced connection for a complete internet experience across many devices and applications. This network also improves the high energy consumption with more complex uses. These new requirements will be applied to battery life and charging to be safer and more efficient.

For the second phase, the global partnerships phase, OPPO has fast-tracked its plans to go global and unite more operators from different regional markets with the aim of giving global users a high quality 5G experience. OPPO has a close strategic partnership with Ericsson. Both the companies have worked side by side to develop and improve the 5G network since the third quarter of 2018. They have also worked with local operators in various countries, most notably, Sweden, Germany and China for 5G debugging and testing based on OPPO 5G devices and Ericsson’s 5G infrastructure.

In 2019, during the Mobile World Congress “MWC” held in Barcelona, Spain, OPPO partnered with Ericsson to offer 5G network mobile phone offers and cloud gaming. In September of 2020, during a field test of the high frequency (mmWave) 5G network organised by IMT-2020 (5G). OPPO along with Ericsson achieved the best results in transmission speed among all mmWave devices that passed all tests in China.

In December 2019, OPPO held its annual global technology event OPPO INNO DAY, along with four other operators: Swisscom, Singtel, Telstra and Optus. They launched the “OPPO to establish the fifth generation” project, hoping to take the lead in the 5G experience through OPPO’s 5G smartphone products and reach more consumers in Asia, Europe and Oceania.

Later, 15 new operators from Asia and the Pacific joined this project, and in March 2020, 11 global leading companies, including China Mobile, China Telecom, China Unicom, Orange, Vodafone, Deutsche Telekom, Telefonica, TelCell, Boegos, SFR and Salt, also announced their participation in the OPPO 5G project in order to deepen partnerships with OPPO for technology and products of the 5G networks. In order to offer the leading 5G network experience to a wider range of consumers around the world.

Efforts that have been announced and unannounced have resulted in OPPO obtaining standard patents for the 5G network in more than 20 countries and regions around the world in June 2020. Confirming that its goals to lead the list of global companies will not stop here.