Littering now punishable by 1,000 JD fine, imprisonment


Published: 2021-07-28 13:22

Last Updated: 2024-02-27 06:23

Littering now punishable by 1,000 JD fine, imprisonment
Littering now punishable by 1,000 JD fine, imprisonment

The Ministry of Environment announced the start of activating the provisions of the Framework Law for Waste Management No. 16 of 2020, regarding the indiscriminate disposal of waste in streets, public places, gardens, parks, religious and tourist sites, and public institutions.

The ministry explained in a statement Wednesday, that this step coincides with the activities of the national campaign for public hygiene that it launched Tuesday, to apprehend violators and take legal action against them, which include penalties between 50-1,000 JD fines, or up to a week of imprisonment. 

According to the law, a fine of no less than 50 dinars and no more than 500 dinars shall be imposed on anyone who throws waste, dirty water, liquid waste, destroyed machinery, timber, tree trimming residues, weeds, dirt, silt or construction waste in public in a way that causes harm to public health.

The Ministry has warned of a penalty of imprisonment for a period of not less than a week and not more than a month, or a fine of not less than 100 dinars and not more than 1,000 dinars, or both penalties, for anyone who throws any waste or any other things in nature reserves and national parks.

Penalties will be doubled if the actions are repeated.

It is noteworthy that the national campaign launched by the Ministry under the title 'Our Mission… We Protect Our Environment,' included all governorates of the Kingdom, with the participation of the official and civil concerned authorities, with the aim of improving the national environment and providing safe access to a clean, safe environment free of all pollutants.