Government to launch 5th economic package on Monday


Published: 2020-02-15 20:26

Last Updated: 2020-02-15 21:01

Government to launch 5th economic package on Monday
Government to launch 5th economic package on Monday
Roya News Source

The government will launch on Monday, February 17, the fifth executive package of its economic program aimed at rejuvenating the economy, improving the living conditions of citizens, and improving the quality of public services.

Minister of State for Media Affairs Amjad Adaileh said the package, titled "Electronic Services and Digital Transformation", aims to improve the quality of e-government services and make it easier for citizens and investors to do business.

The package will include new business mechanisms that the Jordan Investment Commission, the Income and Sales Tax Department and the Customs Departments will roll out to solve outstanding issues with investors and citizens, with the aim of improving the business environment and facilitating procedures.

Since October 2019, and as part its economic program, the government has launched a set of executive packages which included increasing the salaries of workers and retirees in the civil and military domains, improving transportation, health, and education services, and streamlining the government apparatus.