Razzaz receives reports on Downtown floods, vows action


Published: 2019-03-14 15:16

Last Updated: 2019-03-14 15:32

Razzaz receives reports on Downtown floods, vows action
Razzaz receives reports on Downtown floods, vows action
Roya News Source

Prime Minister Omar Razzaz on Thursday, 14th of March 2019, received two reports on the flash floods that damaged shops and businesses in Downtown Amman late February.

The first report was conducted by an infrastructure contractor as a neutral entity, to assess all the details, reasons and circumstances surrounding the recent floods which resulted in severe damage to traders and citizens, while the second was handed in by a technical team from the Greater Amman Municipality (GAM).

Razzaz referred the two reports to a government committee to evaluate their content, stressing the need to identify and address the shortcomings that caused the incident.

He also underscored that the government is aware of the damage to merchants and property in Downtown Amman and will hold accountable any official or authority proven to have neglected their duty.

The government committee consists of the Interior, Water and Industry Ministries, in addition to GAM among other entities.

For further investigation, these ministries were instructed to review the reports' results and hand in a final report of the reasons for the flooding and shortcomings, if there are any, as soon as possible.

On their preliminary findings, the infrastructure contractor’s report said that the heavy rainfall Amman witnessed was not behind the floods that occurred on February 28th, but it triggered a problem in the drainage system in the capital.

On the other hand, GAM's report concluded that the heavy rainfall exceeded the capacity of the underground drainage system below Quraysh street, adding that the system was fully-functioning and that there were no blockages before, during, or after February 28th.