Zarqa governorate affected the most due to unstable weather conditions on Tuesday


Published: 2019-03-06 12:36

Last Updated: 2019-03-06 12:51

Wall collapses on car in Zarqa
Wall collapses on car in Zarqa
Roya News Source

A few days ago, the Mayor of Zarqa, Ali Abu Al Sukkar announced that the Municipality of Zarqa was successfully able to deal with the weather depression that affected the Kingdom on last Thursday, which caused enormous damage in Downtown Amman.

Abu Al Sukkar confirmed that no houses or tunnels were drowned in Zarqa despite the heavy rainfall, adding that the emergency room in the Municipality received only 15 complaints, most of which were a result of the formation of watersheds due to the lack of manholes.

However, the unstable weather conditions that Jordan witnessed on Tuesday, March 5, 2019, caused large areas of Zarqa governorate, including houses, cars and streets to drown due to the floods formed by the heavy rainfall.

Abu Al Sukkar pointed out that cadres and teams of the department of maintenance, implementation, supervision and inspection worked on maintaining and cleaning the drainage networks before the winter season, in addition to the daily campaigns the Municipality conducts to check on the networks’ readiness.

However, due to the unstable weather conditions, cadres of the Civil Defense Directorate (CDD) have dealt with 125 cases after which rainwater raided houses, most of which were in Zarqa governorate, spokesman for the CDD, Eyad Al Amro, said in a statement.

Amro added that until 7:00 pm of Tuesday, March 5, 2019, the CDD cadres rescued six people trapped by rainwater inside their houses in Zarqa.

The rescue teams were able to immediately help one of the people after falling inside a water pipeline in Awajan area of Zarqa, the spokesman noted, pointing out that no one was injured in any of the cases they dealt with.

Amro warned citizens of approaching any water bodies formed by rainwater and called on citizens to stay away from valleys and lowlands in such cases.

In related news, heavy rain caused a wall to collapse on a vehicle in Wadi Al Hajar in Zarqa on Tuesday, but without causing any injuries, according to Roya's correspondent in Zarqa.


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