Shutdown of Ministry of Public Sector Development


Published: 2019-01-27 13:22

Last Updated: 2019-01-28 09:31

Shutdown of Ministry of Public Sector Development
Shutdown of Ministry of Public Sector Development
Roya News Source

The Director of the Public Performance Development in the Prime Ministery, Advisor Badrieh Al-Balbisi, confirmed that work is underway to shut down the Ministry of Public Sector Development.

Balbisi added that this requires legislative, regulatory, administrative and financial measures which can take three to six months, especially regarding the financial closure.

As part of the Government's efforts to meet the commitments made in its ministerial statement and its response to the Speeches from the Throne, which include administrative reform, combating stagnation and upgrading the performance of the public sector, the Government has taken a series of measures aimed at achieving this goal.

Balbisi pointed out that among these procedures is the establishment of the Department of Institutional Performance Development and Policies, which comes under the administrative system of the Prime Minister after the abolition of the Ministry of Public Sector Development on 11/10/2018, in order to strengthen the regulatory aspect of development.

She explained that under this system, the administration is technically a subordinate to the Prime Minister, and administratively to the General Secretariat of the Ministry, which is considered of the utmost importance, as its decisions will have the required power to implement them as a result of its presence under the umbrella of the Prime Minister.

The fate of the tasks which were being carried out by the defunct Ministry of Public Sector Development will be maintained in the functions of the ministry and will be expanded in scope to formulate the general policies of ministries and government institutions to follow up on their implementation.