Public Security Directorate addresses Thursday's Fourth Circle protests


Published: 2018-12-15 09:41

Last Updated: 2018-12-15 09:58

A scene from Thursday's protests near the 4th Circle. (Roya)
A scene from Thursday's protests near the 4th Circle. (Roya)
Roya News Source

The Public Security Directorate (PSD) said in a statement on Friday, December 15, that some of the news surrounding Thursday’s protests near the Fourth Circle in Amman are simply untrue.

The PSD said that unlike what is being rumored on social media, there was no "serious friction" between protesters and security forces. They added that the Darak forces only interfered when a small group of protesters decided to block the main road by sitting and lying in the middle of it.

In order to maintain peace and safety, security forces - who were heavily deployed along the main road stretching from the Fourth Circle to the Interior Circle in Shmeisani - stepped in by removing those protesters, the statement explained.

Despite receiving many condescending comments that evening, security personnel contained their feelings and acted professionally, only using their authority and power when trying to unblock some of the roads near Shmeisani, the statement noted.

The PSD said that they were “surprised” by some of the protesters’ attempts to cause chaos, despite warning them against causing havoc prior to the protests.

The PSD also said that they “regret what some of the protesters have done to the security personnel," as well as "feeling sorry that some of the protesters got wounded.”

One of the core beliefs of the PSD, the statement said, is to allow citizens to express their opinions and let their voices be heard, in accordance with their constitutional rights.