Results of Dead Sea Tragedy investigations


Published: 2018-11-05 12:53

Last Updated: 2024-03-01 17:03

Mustafa Yagi, head of Parliamentary Investigation Committee, at House of Representatives.
Mustafa Yagi, head of Parliamentary Investigation Committee, at House of Representatives.

The Parliamentary Inquiry Committee has revealed ton Monday, November 5, 2018, the violations committed by the ministries, Victoria School and the adventure tourism company, that led to the Dead Sea Tragedy, on October 25, 2018.

The following are the main findings of the committee:

Ministry of Education:

Directorate of Education of the University District violated special instructions concerning field trips, and the meteorological bulletin issued by the Meteorological Department, which was sent to all institutions, warning of level 4 (danger) weather, due to expected heavy rains and flash floods.

Victoria College School:

  1. The school violated the circular it sent to parents, informing which grades of students are participating in the field trip,
  2. The school changed the purpose of the trip from visiting historical places to ‘safari’ in Jordan Valley and Zarqa Ma’in,
  3. The destination of the trip hence was changed from the original to Azraq Valley (an area between Salt and Fuheis) to the Dead Sea - Zarqa Ma’in,
  4. The names included in the field trip manifesto are incorrect, in addition, one parent joined the trip,
  5. The school violated instructions by signing a contract with adventure tourism companies, the ‘Scope of Creativity’ (نطاق الإبداع) and ‘Jordan Echo’ (صدى الأردن), without informing the Ministry of Education, and without verifying the company’s license, as one company is unlicensed,

The adventure tourism company:

  1. Violated the number of members allowed in one group,
  2. Did not coordinate with the Ministry of Tourism or the tourist police, to be provided with information, according to instructions,
  3. Did not head to critical weather warnings,
  4. Did not provide safety and protective gear,
  5. Did not have a first aid kit,
  6. Non-compliance with the warning signs immediately at the entrance of the dangerous area Zarqa Ma’in which warn against entering, and against swimming, at the risk of death and falling rocks.


The Ma’in Dam or the collapsed bridges had no connection to the tragedy, the committee reported. 

The commiitte recommended that traffic on Dead Sea (Zara) road and all the bridges be rerouted, as their state is in very bad condition and poses danger.

The committee implored that the school subject Earth Sciences be reinstated and taught at all levels of learning.


The House of Representatives refused to refer the report of the Parliamentary Inquiry Committee to public prosecution and referred it to the government instead.

MP Abdullah Obeidat criticized the charges against ministers of Tourism and Education, saying that they should not be held responsible, and demanded that the responsibility be attributed to officials directly responsible.

He added, that “if a mu'adhin (muezzin) dies on the pulpit, should the Minister of Awqaf be held accountable? This means ministers will fear taking decisions.”