King's 'Speech from the Throne' at Parliament's third Ordinary Session


Published: 2018-10-14 11:57

Last Updated: 2022-12-02 14:47

King's 'Speech from the Throne' at Parliament's third Ordinary Session
King's 'Speech from the Throne' at Parliament's third Ordinary Session

Thousands watched His Majesty King Abdullah II ride in the famous Royal Red Motorcade on Sunday, October 14, 2018, as the Jordanian monarch made his way to the opening ceremony of the third Ordinary Session of the 18th Parliament, to deliver his long-awaited "Speech from the Throne."

Speech from the Throne by His Majesty King Abdullah II
Opening the Third Ordinary Session of the 18th Parliament

Addressed by King Abdullah, the constitutionally mandated "Speech from the Throne" took place at the House of Representatives in Amman.

The Speech, which usually addresses national policies and vital regional issues, called for cooperation amongst all sectors and governmental units in order to achieve various national objectives.

His Majesty’s speech emphasized the following values and goals:

  • The problems that are faced have to be addressed and solutions must be sought in order to achieve progress. 
  • Efforts must be collaborated as a collective national endeavor.
  • His Majesty went on to address all Jordanians, asking them to remember that their energy must be used to further boost our country's development.
  • Our Kingdom is a country of law and a country that revolves around its citizens. Therefore, justice is a right for all. 
  • Corruption is forbidden as it prevents Jordan's development. Our government is capable of eliminating corruption, and we need all collaborative efforts to do so.
  • The King added that his confidence in the awareness and wisdom of Jordanians is solid. As citizens play a major role in fighting corruption and combating it. 
  • His Majesty stressed that we should beware of those who contribute, intentionally or unintentionally, to spreading rumors and false accusations.
  • As for the economic difficulties, His Majesty affirmed that traditional solutions are neither efficient nor effective, as economic problems are relative to universal changes that are frequently changing. Therefore, the government has to adopt new strategies that comply with a reform roadmap that moves towards ongoing and tangible solutions that result in strengthening the economy and benefiting the Kingdom.
  • The Kingdom's stand on the Palestinian cause remains solid and central. As for Jerusalem, Jordan is committed to defending the Palestinian State and its independence on Palestinian national soil, with East Jerusalem as its capital.
  • Jordan's fight against terrorism remains vital. Jordan is committed to its leading role in fighting terrorism and extremism, as our Kingdom supports and honors freedom and democracy.