Government's instructions on what to do after an earthquake


Published: 2018-07-09 10:35

Last Updated: 2018-07-09 11:42

Always expect an aftershock. (Eventfinda)
Always expect an aftershock. (Eventfinda)

Northern Jordan was surprisingly struck by more than a dozen earthquakes since last Wednesday, with the most recent one shaking Irbid yesterday (Sunday, 8 July), measuring at a magnitude of 4.1 on the Richter scale.

It is unusual for the kingdom to be hit by this many quakes, with such close proximity, which is why the government has release a set of instructions that civilians must follow after an earthquake has struck.

What to do after an earthquake

- Check yourself and others for injuries. Provide first aid for anyone who needs it.

- Check water, gas, and electric lines for damage. If any are damaged, shut off the valves. Check for the smell of gas. If you smell it, open all the windows and doors, leave immediately, and report it to the authorities (use someone else's phone).

- Turn on the radio to listen for official gov’ instructions on how to respond to the earthquake.

- Do not use your phone unless it’s an emergency.

- Calmly evacuate the building you’re in.

- Be careful around broken glass and debris. Wear boots or sturdy shoes to keep from cutting your feet.
Put out any fires that you can safely put out.

- Stay away from damaged areas and open doors carefully to avoid weakened walls that might potentially fall down.

- If you're at school or work, follow the emergency plan or the instructions of the person in charge.

- Expect aftershocks.