Souq Fann: The new online store selling gorgeous Jordanian products


Published: 2018-07-05 14:43

Last Updated: 2018-07-05 15:01

Some of the products being sold on Souq Fann. (Souq Fann website)
Some of the products being sold on Souq Fann. (Souq Fann website)

Handcrafters and artisans based in Jordan have a new platform to flaunt, and sell, their products.

Souq Fann was launched on Tuesday as an easy-to-use online store where local entrepreneurs can display their best work and sell it to a wide range of clients.

The Minister of Tourism and Antiquities, Lina Annab, attended the launch of the website, which will encourage more talented craftsmen/women to set up their own businesses and get creative.

Annab noted in a speech during the event that Jordan has a large number of capable and highly-skilled craftspeople, who could easily compete on an international level. She explained that the improper use of marketing tools has not allowed them to promote their products as well as they would have liked to, which is why Souq Fann is an important platform to help them reach the top.

The brainchild of Souq Fann, Sami Hourani, said during the launch that “to these entrepreneurs, Souq Fann is more than just an ‘Art Market;’ it is a gateway to new possibilities for their business. Souq Fann gives them access to new markets across the kingdom and around the world, connecting them to new customers and increasing their sales.”

Souq Fann offers you the chance to browse through dozens of reasonably-priced products (made with love and pride) with the touch of a button. The products range from tableware, clothes, bags, jewelry, soaps, stationery, home accessories and souvenirs.

But what makes those items more special is the story behind each one of them. Take the ladies of Safi Crafts for example, who use natural dye made out of plants to colour their clothes and products.

Another great aspect of Souq Fann is its “FREE delivery” and “cash payment” features.

Souq Fann is a startup to be proud of; one where Jordanian heritage, in the form of arts and crafts, can be shared with the world, while giving artisans from all ages and backgrounds the chance to make a living, doing what their heart most desires.