Venomous snake neutralized in Tafilah


Published: 2018-06-26 12:38

Last Updated: 2023-11-28 15:39

The snake was killed in Basira, Tafilah.
The snake was killed in Basira, Tafilah.

A two-and-a half meter snake was neutralised by Civil Defense Directorate (CDD) officers in Basira, in the southern governorate of Tafilah on Monday, the CDD operations room announced.

The officers were able to respond quickly to distressed citizens after they found the venomous snake inside their house.

The CDD arrived on location equipped with appropriate gear and tools to deal with the reptile. The snake was killed and the officer responsible for catching it took a photo, which indicates the snake was a Palestine viper.

The animal, known by the scientific name of Viperae palaestina, is one of six venomous species in the country. Out of the 37 species of snakes in the Kingdom, only 24 live in the south of Jordan.

In the summer, when snake encounters are common, the CDD advises the public not to approach exotic animals as they could be dangerous. In case of an emergency, the CDD recommends calling 991 and reporting such incidents.