Razzaz first press conference: Highlights


Published: 2018-06-19 18:29

Last Updated: 2024-02-28 04:26

PM Razzaz during the press conference. (Roya)
PM Razzaz during the press conference. (Roya)

Prime Minister Omar Razzaz disclosed a list of tasks that his Cabinet will be working on in the first 100 days of its tenure.

During the government’s first press conference, which was held at the Prime Ministry on Tuesday, June 19, 2018 at 4:30 PM local time, Razzaz addressed the following subjects:

  • Cancer patients to be issued a card through the closest public sector hospital, which would transfer them to the right service provider without the need of visiting Bashir Hospital, taking into consideration preserving patients dignity.
  • Hybrid Vehicles Tax: re-evaluating the feasibility study of the Hybrid cars tax that was increased lately.
  • Oil prices: fuel pricing “calculation” is to be shared with the public.
  • Merging public institutions: based on the services they provide while maintaining all of the public sector employees and deploying their skills in the right manner.
  • Matching the quality of the public services with the tax paid.
  • Ministers’ pensions to be reviewed, it is not fair for a minister who worked for a couple of months to be paid a lifetime pension while Jordanians have to work for long years to get their pension paid.
  • Financial disclosure to be submitted by all ministers.
  • Creating discussion panels to connect decision makers with the public.
  • Cutting expenditures of the government by up to JD 150 Million 
  • Political and Economic Reform, which both are as important.
  • Re-examining the structure of the Taxing System, specially that of the Income Tax Bill.
  • Providing accessible data to the public regarding Taxation: how it is calculated, spent and prioritized.
  • A code of conduct to be signed by all ministers, which they will be held accountable for.