Razzaz Cabinet: 40% new blood


Published: 2018-06-14 18:03

Last Updated: 2021-03-06 07:09

The list of the 11 first-time ministers. (Roya)
The list of the 11 first-time ministers. (Roya)

Prime Minister Omar Razzaz and the 28 members of his Cabinet were sworn in earlier today before King Abdullah, Prince Hashim bin Hussein and other high-ranking officials.

The new government is comprised of 15 ministers who were part of former PM Hani Mulki’s team and 11 new members who will be ministers for the first time.

The remaining two Cabinet members, Yahia Kasabi and Rajai Muasher have ministerial experience in previous governments.

Below is the list of the first-time ministers.

  • Munir Owais – Minister of Water and Irrigation
  • Basma Mohammad Al Nsour – Minister of Culture
  • Azmi Mahafzah – Minister of Education
  • Makram Qaisi – Minister of Youth
  • Mary Kawar – Minister of Planning and International Cooperation
  • Hala Zawati – Minister of Energy and Mineral Resources
  • Jumana Ghuneimat – Minister of State for Media Affairs
  • Tariq Hammouri – Minister of Industry, Trade and Supply
  • Mubarak Ali Abu Yamen - State Minister of Legal Affairs
  • Mothanna Gharaibeh - Minister of Information and Communications Technology
  • Ezzeddine Kanakriyeh – Minister of Finance