Turkey resettled 2,733 Syrian refugees to Germany


Published: 2018-05-04 18:22

Last Updated: 2018-05-04 18:53

The war in Syria has displaced more than 6 million people.
The war in Syria has displaced more than 6 million people.
Roya News Source

Less than a quarter of the around 12,000 Syrian refugees resettled from Turkey to other countries in 2017 were taken up by Germany, reported Hurriyet on Friday, citing the Turkish migration authority.

According to the report, Germany was first in hosting Syrian refugees with 2,733 Syrians making it their home in 2017, followed by The Netherlands with 2,128.

The only non-European nation in the top five was the US, which allowed for the resettlement of 1,064 Syrians.

Finland and France followed closely by accepting respectively 845 and 790 Syrian refugees resettled from Turkey.

According to Eurostat statistics for the same period, Syrians made up 33 percent of the asylum seekers hosted by the EU.

Germany had granted protection status to 124,800 of the 175,800 Syrian citizens accepted to the EU in 2017, which is around 70 percent.

More than 6 million of Syrians have been displaced since the violence started in 2011. Turkey hosts the largest number of refugees followed by Jordan, where over 600,000 registered refugees reside.