Driver dies after crashing into camel in Aqaba


Published: 2018-04-30 14:01

Last Updated: 2024-05-22 08:04

The man died after crashing into the camel. (Roya)
The man died after crashing into the camel. (Roya)

A 45-year-old driver was killed after running into a camel in Aqaba.

The man suffered gashes, bruises and broken bones all over his body after driving into the sandy animal, according to a statement by the Civil Defense.

Camel-related car accidents are not uncommon. Vehicles frequently crash into camels in places like Saudi Arabia, Pakistan and the Negev desert.

Earlier this year, a teenage boy died in the Negev after the car he was riding in crashed into a camel and flipped over upon impact.

In 2015, following a freak car crash involving a camel, legal experts in Saudi Arabia called for penalising camel owners that cause road accidents.