Winds stir dust across the Kingdom, temperatures significantly drop


Published: 2018-03-24 10:34

Last Updated: 2018-03-24 12:13

Dust storm in Amman 2013 (word press)
Dust storm in Amman 2013 (word press)

Temperatures are expected to significantly drop in Jordan on Saturday, but will remain above their annual average, according to the Jordan Meteorological Department.

South west blowing winds will stir dust in many regions across the kingdom.
Meanwhile, rain is expected to fall in Amman during daytime.

In Amman, daytime temperatures will reach 21°C, dropping down to 7-9 °C at night.
Meanwhile, the weather will be warmer in Aqaba, where temperatures will reach 28°C, dropping down to 16°C at night.

On Sunday, skies will be partially clear, and spring-like conditions will be felt across the kingdom.

People with respiratory diseases and asthma are highly advised to stay home and only go out for emergencies.