Famous Amman bookshop owner dies in car accident


Published: 2018-03-03 17:00

Last Updated: 2018-03-03 18:56

Hisham al-Maaytah
Hisham al-Maaytah
Roya News Source

Hisham al-Maaytah, owner of Al-Jahith, one of the oldest bookshops in Amman, has died in car accident on Saturday morning. The tragedy comes only weeks after flames engulfed his bookshop at the end of January.

Civil defense personnel tried to save the critically injured man, but he was dead upon arrival to the hospital.

He was one of the three siblings from Karak who owned Al-Jahith's Treasury, which has been in their family for four successive generations.

At least 10,000 old books and manuscripts were burned in the accident in downtown Amman. There were valuable books and manuscripts with the oldest one dating back to the 13th century.