5 Gestures of love and friendship you can offer your loved ones on Valentine’s Day


Published: 2018-02-13 16:39

Last Updated: 2018-02-13 18:13

Editor: Ani Kasparian

Love is most beautiful when shared with everyone. (Chakeup)
Love is most beautiful when shared with everyone. (Chakeup)
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When you think “Valentine’s Day,” are you in the majority who think that the day is solely meant for couples? Well, you couldn’t be more wrong. Whether you are single or engaged to your dream partner, Valentine’s Day should be celebrated by showing appreciation for the people you love. Whether it is a best friend, a sibling, or a spouse, everyone deserves a day each year to know just how loved they are.

As Valentine’s Day is tomorrow, we at Roya News English have created a list of five gestures that are sure to show the person you love that you truly care about them.

Write a letter

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Keyword here? Write. Yup. No texting, no email- just take a nice pen and beautiful stationary and pour your heart out. Letter writing is a dying art form and out of all the emails and texts you receive per day, think of the last time you’ve actually checked your mailbox and found something other than a bill or coupon clipping. There are few things more powerful than loving words. Everyone is going through a battle you cannot see and your words may just be the one thing that could redirect their whole week towards positivity.


Take a walk

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They say that there is nothing more important than time. Why not give some of its preciousness to your loved one by taking a walk outside with them? As the weather is seeming to be on an incline since the frigid days of December and January, why not use this along with this special day as an excuse to get outside and enjoy the character of Jordan together? Sometimes a calming conversation with the one you love while enjoying the views of this beautiful country can be just the thing you need after a long work week.



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We’re not talking about purchasing a Picasso original for your loved one. We’re talking about you channeling your inner artist and creating something for that special someone. Now before you say, “I’m not artist- you don’t want to see me draw a stick figure,” we want to remind you that as children we were all artists; it is just as we got older, maybe the skill was not practiced as much as it used to be. Whether it’s drawing or painting a picture for your special someone, making a collage of their favorite things from pictures and magazine clippings, or photographing and framing a picture they’d love, this act of kindness will surely show them that you listen to them and care about what they love.



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If you are an expat living in Jordan or have family and friends living three governorates away, sometimes your busy schedule can make you forget just how little you have spoken to your family or friends recently. You know that one friend who you can always go to, no matter how far away they live or how long you have gone without talking? Well, it’s about time you tell that friend or family member just how much they mean to you. Trust us, record shows that they’ll truly appreciate the thought.


Do a favor

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Know a friend who just had a baby? Make them dinner. Know a dad who is exhausted working two jobs? Take the family out to dinner. Know a mom who is tired? Offer to watch the kids for a few hours while they go out for a much-needed break. Does your own parent often show signs of stress? Pick up some extra chores around the house. All of these gestures will truly show them how much you care.


And there you have it! Five ways you can not only show your love for someone just for a day, but fortify the beautiful relationship you already have for years to come.

Let us know which one of these you tried in the comments below.

Happy Valentine’s Day, a day for all to celebrate love and appreciation for one another.