Clahes in West Bank following killing three Palestinians during last 24 hours


Published: 2018-02-07 13:03

Last Updated: 2018-02-07 15:48

Khaled Walid Tayeh (Right) and Hamzeh Yousef Zamaareh (Left).
Khaled Walid Tayeh (Right) and Hamzeh Yousef Zamaareh (Left).
Roya News Source

The Israeli forces announced launching a military operation in Halhoul, Hebron in the West Bank on Wednesday morning.

This comes after killing a Palestinian youth who stabbed an Israeli security guard in Karmi Tsur illegal settlement northern Hebron early Wednesday.

The Palestinian coordinating office identified the Palestinian youth as Hamzeh Yousef Zamaareh, 19, from Halhoul, according to Wafa news agency.

Accordingly, Israeli forces raided the Zamaareh family home following the incident, causing clashes to erupt with residents in the area. No injuries were reported.

Meanwhile, clashes erupted in Hebron and several parts of the West Bank after the killing of Zamaareh and two others during the last 24 hours, including Khaled Walid Tayeh, 22, from Nablus, who was shot dead on Tuesday evening during clashes with Israeli forces.

It followed the killing of Ahmad Nasr Jarrar on Tuesday morning, after manhunt lasted for three weeks. Jarrar was accused of of killing a 35-year-old Israeli settler last month on the main road near an illegal Israeli settlement in Nablus.

Jarrar had become a symbol of resistance and inspiration for many Palestinians and supporters of the Palestinian cause.

Tuesday night, clashes broke out after an Israeli army force raided the Northern Mountain in Nablus and surrounded a building in order to arrest residents. At least five people were detained and 40 injured.

Palestinians throw rocks at the force. Soldiers fired back live ammunition at the Palestinians injuring six of them who are reported in serious condition, according to the Ministry of Health.