Government won't raise prices of eggs, frozen chicken and olive oil


Published: 2018-02-02 18:44

Last Updated: 2018-02-03 10:11

At least these items won't see a price increase. (Yasmina)
At least these items won't see a price increase. (Yasmina)

The Jordanian government raised the prices of key commodities last month, however, the Prime Ministry said on Thursday that it will not be increasing the prices of frozen chicken, eggs and olive oil.

In January, a higher tax was imposed on cigarettes, fuels and fizzy drinks; the government lifted bread subsidies as well.

This morning, hundreds of Jordanians took to the streets in Amman, Karak, Tafilah, Zarqa and Ma’an to protest the price increases.

Angry citizens carried placards displaying slogans that begged the government to find alternatives to increasing the prices of basic commodities and that won’t affect the living conditions of poor Jordanians.

One man even held a large piece of flatbread to make a point about the government's decision to lift bread subsidies. 

Will this change anything?