Warning sirens to go off in Zarqa on Tuesday


Published: 2017-12-19 10:32

Last Updated: 2017-12-19 11:35

The sirens will go off on midday Tuesday. (WJTV)
The sirens will go off on midday Tuesday. (WJTV)
Roya News Source

At 12pm today, the Directorate of Civil Defense (DCD) in Zarqa will sound the city’s warning sirens to ensure that they are in working order.

The sirens are very loud and it is understandable why most people would panic upon hearing them.

Amman, Irbid, Mafraq and Aqaba had warning sirens installed across them in 2015 and 2016.

In 2015, Amman was the first Jordanian city to have warning sirens installed, with 112 sirens to be specific.

When the sirens were first installed, many social media users in Jordan feared that they were installed to warn citizens against ISIS attacks.

However, a DCD source told The Jordan Times at the time that the sirens will be used to “alert people in certain situations, such as heavy snow, earthquakes, fires and floods.”

“The systems will not only issue alerts but be followed with awareness messages telling people what to do and what to avoid depending on the situation,” the source explained.

The DCD works periodically on updating the siren system across the Kingdom.