Jordanian government warns against inappropriate use of social media


Published: 2017-11-13 17:39

Last Updated: 2017-11-13 17:39

Momani said that social media platforms should be used for the “bigger good. (Oasis500)
Momani said that social media platforms should be used for the “bigger good. (Oasis500)
Roya News Source

Social media can bring trouble to its users and that is one of the Jordanian government’s main concerns.

Government spokesman, Mohammad Al Momani, warned against misusing social media on Monday, noting that inappropriate use would disrupt and destabilize Jordanian society, in addition to dividing its people and spreading sedition amongst them.

Momani stressed the importance of raising awareness about the dangers of spreading fake and inaccurate news, and rumors, which are often circulated when a country is going through a sensitive period.

Instead, social media platforms should be used for the “bigger good,” not to spread hatred, express extremist views or make hate speeches.

Momani noted that Jordan is one of the best models of countries who have succeeded in using the media as an extension of the power of society and the state, adding that the press is a critical tool for the development of Jordanian society and its entities.

According to figures released by IpsosJo in 2016, 93% of internet users in Jordan use social media networks.

The figures showed that Facebook is the most popular social media site in Jordan. Meanwhile, 32.3% of internet users used Instagram, 22.3% used Twitter and 35.2% used Google+.