Street artists add a splash of colour to Jordanian and Israeli cities


Published: 2017-06-13 23:11

Last Updated: 2024-06-16 06:27

One of the artists' beautiful pieces of work.
One of the artists' beautiful pieces of work.

Beautiful murals covered the blank walls of famous cities in Jordan and Israel, courtesy of a talented group of traveling artists. The international painters hail from Hawaii, Tel Aviv and Los Angeles and their street art project is part of a cultural event called “POW! WOW! Event.”

The artists are on a two-week mission to add a splash of colour to Israeli and Jordanian streets as a way of "contributing, sharing culture and beautifying communities with art."

After putting their paintbrushes to work at the Dead Sea and Petra in Jordan, the creative heads headed to Arad, a town in the Negev desert in Israel, to continue their artistic mission.

"I came to the artist quarter in Arad to paint some walls,to give some colors and beauty to the place and to the people," Tel Aviv street artist Dioz said on Wednesday as he put the final touches to a large face he was painting.

Next stop? Tel Aviv, where they will continue their art pilgrimage on Thursday before their two weeks of beautifying the Middle East are over.


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