Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas in Gaza soon


Published: 2017-10-12 11:17

Last Updated: 2017-10-12 11:40

Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas in Gaza soon
Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas  in Gaza soon
Roya News Source


Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas is to head to Gaza in “less than a month” as a part of the reconciliation agreement reached between the two rival parties earlier on Thursday, according to AFP. Rival Palestinian factions have reached a reconciliations agreement by an Egyptian mediation, ending a decade-long division.

Two delegations from Hamas and Fatah officials announced the agreement from the Egyptian capital of Cairo, yet details of the agreement are not announced yet. A press conference scheduled at Thursday’s noon is expected to announce the headlines of the agreement.

The low-profile talks continued for two days at the headquarters of the Egyptian intelligence in Cairo.

Palestinians are hopeful the agreement will finally bring stability to their lives, specially, the two million Palestinians living in the Gaza strip suffering a restricted Israeli siege imposed since 2007, which is the same year Hamas took over Gaza, and ousted Pro-Abbas forces to the West Bank. Celebrations are going take place at the Gaza downtown this afternoon.