What will weather be like Saturday?


Published: 2024-05-24 15:08

Last Updated: 2024-06-25 02:02

What will weather be like Saturday?
What will weather be like Saturday?

Low clouds are expected to appear during Friday night and early Saturday morning – which coincides with the 78th Independence Day of Jordan.

According to ArabiaWeather’s forecasts, temperatures will be lower than normal, with a possibility of rain on Saturday. Temperatures will remain 2-4 degrees Celsius below average on Saturday.

Overall, the weather will be moderate, with scattered clouds, especially in the northern and some central regions.

There's a likelihood of scattered showers in some northern and central areas, especially during the morning hours until noon. Winds will be moderate northwesterly, picking up in the afternoon.

Weather conditions during Saturday daytime doesn't require warm clothing; instead, regular summer clothes can be worn – according to ArabiaWeather.

During the night, the weather will generally be relatively cold, so it's advised to wear a light coat. Scattered clouds will appear in the sky, and the winds will be moderate northwesterly.