Public Security Directorate debunks child trap rumor


Published: 2024-05-07 13:55

Last Updated: 2024-06-16 19:34

Public Security unit
Public Security unit

The Public Security Directorate's spokesperson Tuesday stated that the audio recording being circulated by a woman claiming criminal groups use lost children to entrap victims is merely a rumor that has been denied multiple times in previous years.

In a statement received by "Roya", the spokesperson added that every time the Public Security Directorate confirmed that no such cases had been registered and that the directorate would initiate awareness campaigns against any criminal phenomenon to protect the community and individuals from falling victim to any criminal methods.

The spokesperson also confirmed that the Anti-Cyber Crimes Unit is investigating the recording to identify its owner to take legal actions against her for her clear violations of the law and for causing fear and panic in the community, which could also affect the community's core values of assisting others.

The Public Security Directorate renewed its call to everyone not to circulate or publish such rumors or any publications or repost them without verifying them from official sources, to avoid legal pursuit and to not partake in spreading rumors and misleading information among community members.

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