Fatah calls for West Bank strike after deadly Israeli Occupation raid in Tulkarm


Published: 2024-04-21 10:31

Last Updated: 2024-05-25 11:44

Previous strike in the West Bank
Previous strike in the West Bank

On Saturday, the Fatah movement declared a widespread strike in the West Bank for Sunday following the deaths of 14 Palestinians due to an Israeli Occupation military operation in Tulkarm Governorate's Nour Shams camp.

The movement urged an escalation in resistance against the Israeli Occupation army in the West Bank.

The Israeli Occupation army withdrew from Nour Shams camp after a three-day operation, according to witnesses.

Earlier Saturday, Palestinian authorities reported the killing of a Palestinian ambulance driver by Jewish settlers while en route to transport wounded individuals, resulting in the deaths of at least 12 Palestinians in a separate incident in the occupied West Bank.

These incidents occurred amidst escalating violence and ongoing aggression in Gaza.

The Israeli Occupation army claimed that several armed individuals were killed and at least four soldiers were wounded in a firefight.

The Tulkarm Brigade, comprising fighters from various Palestinian factions, confirmed their involvement in the exchange of fire with Israeli Occupation Forces on Saturday.

At least three drones were spotted flying over Nur Shams, where Israeli Occupation military vehicles had gathered, and gunfire was heard.