Eight “Israeli” soldiers injured in ongoing Nur Shams camp raid in West Bank


Published: 2024-04-20 14:58

Last Updated: 2024-05-24 11:00

“Israeli” army evacuates wounded soldiers (December 18, 2023) (Photo: Anadolu Agency)
“Israeli” army evacuates wounded soldiers (December 18, 2023) (Photo: Anadolu Agency)

The Israeli Occupation Forces (IOF) has announced that eight of its soldiers, and a border police officer were injured in what it claimed to be a “counter-terrorism” operation in the Tulkarm, West Bank.

All of the injured personnel range between being lightly and moderately injured - according to the IOF’s statement.

The incursion into Nur Shams has been ongoing for almost two days now.

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Earlier today, The Palestinian Prisoners’ Society (PPS) stated that the IOF arrested at least 30 citizens from the West Bank in the past two days.

The arrests were focused in Nur Shams Refugee Camp in the governorate of Tulkarm, where the IOF made 15 arrests in the area.

This brings the total number of arrests since Oct. 7, 2023 to approximately 8,340 according to the PPS.

It added that these arrest campaigns carried out by the IOF are part of a “systematic policy employed by the Occupying forces and serve as a central tool in targeting civilians” amid the aggression currently being carried out against the Gaza Strip.

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