Hezbollah target north “Israel” with 20 rockets


Published: 2024-03-28 14:53

Last Updated: 2024-04-17 22:08

Hezbollah target north “Israel” with 20 rockets
Hezbollah target north “Israel” with 20 rockets

Hezbollah stated Thursday that it targeted a command headquarters of the newly formed “Israeli” Battalion in the western Galilee in the northern occupied territories, in addition to shelling the settlement Shlomi and nearby areas in response to the massacres in Naqoura and Tair Harfa and the attacks targeting medical teams which seven Lebanese medical personnel fell victim to.

Hebrew media reported that Hezbollah launched more than 20 rockets from Lebanon towards the western Galilee.

Two “Israeli” airstrikes targeted the towns of Naqoura and Tair Harfa in southern Lebanon, preliminary information suggests there are five martyrs and five wounded - per Roya’s correspondent.

One airstrike targeted a cafe in the town of Naqoura, while another hit a house in the town of Tair Harfa with two rockets, one of which completely destroyed it while the other did not explode.

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